About Us

About Wasabi Ventures Sports: Pioneering Sports Investment with Expertise and Innovation

Founded in January 2022 by TK Kuegler, Wasabi Ventures Sports stands at the convergence of venture capital acumen, start-up proficiency, and technological innovation within the sports domain. With a distinguished record encompassing over 1,500 rounds of financing, TK Kuegler has been instrumental in building, financing, and advising over 200 start-ups during his tenure as co-founder and general partner of Wasabi Ventures LLC.

A Legacy of Ownership: Wasabi Ventures Stables

Our journey began in 2017 with the establishment of Wasabi Ventures Stables, a groundbreaking ownership club in horse racing. This endeavor was more than a foray into ownership; it marked the inception of a vibrant community comprising over 1,200 members/owners committed to both the sport and the welfare of the horses.

Members gained access to micro shares in horses, affording them the benefits traditionally associated with larger ownership. Operational success manifested in over 300 horses racing, achieving an impressive 96 wins, and expanding into the breeding business. Committed to education, we organized regular information sessions and facilitated visits to tracks across the country, allowing owners to witness the horses in person.

From Stables to Stallions: A Synthesis of Expertise

TK Kuegler’s decade-long role in building, financing, and advising start-ups laid the foundation for the evolution from stables to stallions. Wasabi Ventures Sports is an embodiment of this expertise, committed to creating ownership opportunities and fostering a community for fans.

The Next Chapter: Strategic Investments in Sports Franchises, Medical, Fitness, and Technology

In 2022, Wasabi Ventures Sports marks a new chapter in sports investment. Beyond sports franchises, our portfolio extends to medical and fitness sports companies and sports technology enterprises. Our investment focus spans teams, leagues, events, and cutting-edge technology, reflecting our dedication to innovation and excellence in the sports industry.

Professionalism and Engagement: Beyond Ownership

As we transition to Wasabi Ventures Sports, our commitment to professionalism, community-building, and engaging experiences remains unwavering. Whether you are a seasoned investor, technology enthusiast, or sports industry professional, we invite you to join us in redefining the landscape of sports management and investment.

Welcome to Wasabi Ventures Sports, where a legacy of ownership transforms into a new era of strategic sports investment and innovation.